Melissa McCarthy Was Waylaid by a Huntsman Spider

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If you’ve never seen a huntsman spider, they are humongous and will probably make you poop your pants. They’re seriously like the size of a softball or something, and they’re all over Australia. The locals will very helpfully inform you, as you panic and cower in fear “Oh, that’s just a huntsman sipdah, she won’t urt ya.” Then they’ll shoo it away while going “that’s a good cunt, off ya pop.”

I can only assume that Melissa McCarthy had a similar conversation with Chris Hemsworth just before she was bitten by a huntsman spider and laid up in bed by it.

I mean, a huntsman spider’s venom isn’t fatal to a human, but Wikipedia says that it can cause “local swelling and pain, nausea, headache, vomiting, irregular pulse rate and heart palpitations,” which is not a good Saturday night either.

McCarthy is Australia filming a role for Thor: Love and Thunder. Based on photos from set that have been leaked, it looks like she’s playing Hela in another one of Loki’s plays about the events of the previous movie, Thor: Ragnarok.

Luckily McCarthy will make a full recovery if she hasn’t already and maybe the spider can buy her a Victoria Bitter to make up for it. Those spiders are definitely big enough to have a beer.

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