The Biggest Loser at Last Night’s Grammy Awards Was the Grammys Themselves

Getty Images © 2020 / Courtesy of the Recording Academy®

Beyoncé’s 9-year-old daughter Blue Ivy has officially won more Grammy Awards than BTS, the world’s most popular music group. If that’s not permission to stop caring about awards shows, I don’t know what is.

While it’s pretty gouache to claim that you personally not being nominated for an award is proof that the awards show is corrupt, the Grammys are and always have been out of touch. For example, in 1981, Bruce Springsteen was nominated for the first time and lost to Billy Joel.

Still, to take a massively successful and popular band like BTS and relegate them to a minor award category and then give that award to Lady Gaga… it’s not a great look.

Also, why are Best Album and Best Record two different awards that went to two different performers? Those two words mean the same thing. And which one is better?

But really, why do we have these awards shows in the first place? Does your workplace have an annual awards ceremony?  I think the music, television and movie industries would get along just fine without giving each other a bunch of statues basically once a month and just, you know, making music and entertainment.

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