Was Meghan Markle a Mean Girl When She Was a Working Royal?

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The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have not made a lot of friends. I’m not sure what exactly it is that makes people not like them (though I can think of one thing), but they have definitely pissed off a lot of people.

For example, they gave a big exclusive interview to Oprah which is going to air on CBS this Sunday, but Oprah is apparently apoplectic after Harry went on James Corden before the special aired.

Now Buckingham Palace is investigating reports that Meghan Markle was a bully to the staff when she and Prince Harry were still proper members of the royal family.

CNN reports that a palace staff member made a complaint that claimed “the Duchess drove out two personal assistants from her Kensington Palace household and undermined the confidence of a third staff member,” though CNN could not corroborate those claims.

Buckingham Palace said it was “very concerned” about the allegations outlined in the report.
“Accordingly our HR team will look into the circumstances outlined in the article. Members of staff involved at the time, including those who have left the Household, will be invited to participate to see if lessons can be learned,” it said in its statement.
“The Royal Household has had a Dignity at Work policy in place for a number of years and does not and will not tolerate bullying or harassment in the workplace.”

Meghan very strongly denies the allegations.

A spokesperson for the Sussexes dismissed the Times report as “a calculated smear campaign” ahead of the couple’s interview with Winfrey.
“Let’s just call this what it is — a calculated smear campaign based on misleading and harmful misinformation. We are disappointed to see this defamatory portrayal of The Duchess of Sussex given credibility by a media outlet,” the spokesperson said.
“The Duchess is saddened by this latest attack on her character, particularly as someone who has been the target of bullying herself and is deeply committed to supporting those who have experienced pain and trauma. She is determined to continue her work building compassion around the world and will keep striving to set an example for doing what is right and doing what is good.”

Personally, I find it hard to believe. See, Meghan Markle was somewhat famous before she married into the royal family, having starred on the USA law drama Suits and everyone on the show loved her.

If Meghan was the scheming diva the British press wants to make her out to be, we probably would have heard similar stories about her time in that show, but no one has any stories about her like that.

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2 years ago

Here is what you call irony: MM being mean to her staffers and the people in the Firm keeping it quiet to protect her and Harry from embarrassment, then her going on TV trying to smear The Firm for keeping her down. The same institution that kept things on the down low for her. So why do that now? Gloves are off. She can peddle her version of the truth all day long. And now the other side gets to as well. With a very public inquiry with actual witness statements, unlike what MM is offering. But the Sussexes saying… Read more »

2 years ago
Reply to  PunkA

Unlike all the unsubstantiated accusations Meghan made during the interview, the palace investigation of her bullying palace staff will be based on provable facts. Many things Meghan claimed in that interview have been discredited since. If you’re lying about some things, can you be presumed to be telling the truth about less easily proven claims? Like aid being refused for suicidal ideation and presumed racism because of a remark that was given no context? You’re either an honest person or you’re not. Meghan has proven she is not.