Why Did Mia Farrow Edit Her Asian Daughter Out of a Picture of Her White Children Meeting Hillary Clinton

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The allegations that Woody Allen molested Dylan Farrow have been back in the news because of the HBO documentary Allen v Farrow. But there have also been abuse allegations leveled at Mia Farrow by some of her children. And by some of her children, I mean the Asian children she adopted.

Several of Farrow’s adopted children suffered what we call deaths of despair, deaths by suicide or the effects of drug addiction. Moses Farrow and Sun-Yi Preven both allege that Mia Farrow was abusive to them, with Moses writing about it at length.

So here’s where  things get weird. In 2016, Mia Farrow posted a picture of Dylan and Ronan Farrow as children meeting Hillary Clinton. It was cute. But Mia Farrow’s daughter Tam was also in that picture, only for some reason Farrow digitally edited her out of it before uploading it.

Page Six published the undoctored photo as well. Tam died of a drug overdose years ago. Moses has said he believes that overdose was intentional after she had a fight with Mia Farrow, while Farrow claims it was accidental. But editing her out of a photo is very strange behavior regardless.

Mia denies Moses’ allegations of abuse.

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