Why Is It So Easy To Break Into Johnny Depp’s House?

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Like many Americans, I keep my doors locked. I don’t have like a bank vault or anything, but I don’t just let anyone walk in off the street. And my house is nowhere near as nice as Johnny Depp’s house.

Apparently, Johnny Depp doesn’t bother locking things up, though, because people seem to just come and go all the time. Page Six reports that someone just went into Depp’s place, made himself a drink and took a shower. Then when the police showed up, he refused to get out of the shower.

The man was charged with vandalism because a door was damaged.

But the weird part is this isn’t the first time this has happened. A woman broke into his place earlier this year.

Now, I have never turned to my friends and said “Where do you want to go this evening? I’m tired of that dive bar, let’s go to Johnny Depp’s house.” Apparently that was an option, then.

This could be the cause of his marital troubles with Amber Heard, too. She claims she’s not the one who s**t in his bed, but the housekeeper said it was clearly human feces. Maybe someone just dropped by and took a s**t in the bed?

the only other option is Amber Heard isn’t being honest, and clearly that’s unthinkable.

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2 years ago

I know where I’m going in five years!