Ben Askren Wants to be More Than The Guy Who Whooped Jake Paul’s Ass.

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We all want to see Ben Askren just beat the absolute s**t out of Jake Paul this weekend. I put it on my Christmas list. I sent a letter to Santa Claus and prayed to Jesus and Muhammad and Moses and the Easter Bunny and whoever Scientology has for it to come true.

See, Askren is an actual fighter and we’re all hoping an actual fighter gives Jake a reality check that beating a YouTuber and a retired basketball player doesn’t make you a pro boxer.

There is, of course, a chance that Jake a Paul actually wins, because Ben Askren isn’t actually a boxer and he’s ten years older than Jake Paul and his career as a fighter was on the downturn when he retired, having lost two fights in a row, one after just five seconds, the only two losses of his career.

Ben Askren doesn’t even sound like he wants to win, because he doesn’t want to be known as the guy who beat up Jake Paul, he told TMZ Sports.

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