Bhad Bhabie Has Been 18 For a Week So Of Course She Has an OnlyFans Account Now

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OnlyFans is not a pornographic website. It’s a website where creators can share whatever they want with their fans and those fans can pay the creators. Of course, the vast majority of what creators are sharing with their fans is a look at their bits and pieces.

Danielle Bregoli turned 18 last week and she’s already signed up for an OnlyFans account. It appears to be of the “bits and pieces” variety because what did you expect, she has no talent at anything.

I have to tell you, I am not impressed with what I am seeing here. I just don’t find her very attractive. I know, women’s empowerment, you’re all beautiful flowers or whatever, rah-rah pussy hat but literal porn  stars seems like a place where maybe being attracted to some actually matters.

Either way. I seem to be the weird one here because Bregoli has made a million dollars in her first few hours on the platform.

I really don’t get it. If you want to have sex with someone who looks like Danielle Bregoli, just take $20 and a baggie of meth to any trailer park in the country and you can find a minimum of five women who look identical to her who will physically fight over you.

But hey, good for her.

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Big Jim
Big Jim
2 years ago

So one step closer to getting raw dogged on camera for payments in pills. Yay.