Demi Lovato is Going to War With a Yogurt Shop

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Poor Demi Lovato. She’s only been out of the closet for a few weeks and her “you can get away with anything because you’re a lesbian” honeymoon period with the press is already coming to an end. She has to be sitting at home going “What’s the difference between me and Kristen Stewart that makes everyone love her and not me? Is it just that she’s talented and attractive and humble?”

See, Demi Lovato is going to war with a frozen yogurt shop, and the public is not on her side. Demi’s problem is that the shop in question sells sugar-free foods, which does not cater to her exact desires.

Stand-up comic Andy Kindler has a great bit about how some comics have routines where the entire premise is wrong. “I walk into a store and I see sugar-free candy, who is that for?” “Diabetics. It’s for diabetics.”

But see, Demi isn’t diabetic, she had an eating disorder. And her attitude is clearly “f**k diabetics, I don’t want to ever see anything that even suggests people eat healthier.”

So she went on her Instagram Story and made a post about how the yogurt shop, called The Big Chill, needs to “do better” because she saw food for people with different dietary needs.

The company responded by posting on their social media that they “Diabetics, Celiac disease, Vegans and of course we have many indulgent items as well.”

That’s basically Andy Kindler’s bit.

Demi did not give up, DMing the store a picture from four years ago that showed “guilt-free” diet cookies, and when informed they don’t carry that brand, she countered by attacking them for carrying keto-friendly high-protein cookies and added  “You don’t want to mess with me,” and told them the customer is always right.

Allow me to quote a movie I was obsessed with in high school, Kevin Smith’s Clerks. “The customer is always an asshole.”

She also asked them to change how things are labeled, which is not really something they have control of if other companies are making the products.

She walked it back a little when it became clear that no, the world is not on her side and no one cares if she was “triggered.” She only walked it back a little though, basically still insisting she was right but saying she had a bad day and could have been nicer. For now, she’ll just have to learn to deal with living in a world that doesn’t bend to her every whim because she was on a Disney Channel show like a decade ago.

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