Did Snoop Dogg Really Smoke Pot With President Obama?

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During Prohibition, the 13 years in which the United States banned the sale and consumption of alcohol, President Warren G Harding, who had voted in favor of Prohibition as a Senator, had his White House full of “trays with bottles containing every imaginable whiskey.” The Volstead Act was not just a law, it was an Amendment to the Constitution, which Harding had to take an oath to uphold as President.

Today, the prohibition of cannabis is a pressing issue that America is surprisingly leading the world in changing, though still far too slowly. President Barack Obama, the most popular American President since Ronald Reagan, eased federal enforcement of pot laws somewhat, but never had any interest in repealing them, even saying “the act of negotiating with Republicans served as a handy excuse to deflect some of the less orthodox ideas that occasionally surfaced from our side of the aisle (‘I’m sorry, Congressman, but legalizing marijuana isn’t the kind of stimulus we’re talking about here…’)”

I know that a lot of people think that it’s just potheads who want to bet high legally making a big deal out of nothing, but marijuana prohibition is a serious racial justice issue. African-Americans are almost four times as likely to be arrested for marijuana violations and we know that basically everyone smokes pot. It’s probably more widely consumed than tobacco at this point if you exclude nicotine vapes. Police routinely admit they use marijuana laws as a front to perform illegal searches by claiming they could smell pot when they come out in opposition of legalization.

And once you’ve taken all that information in, really think about what it means that Snoop Dogg claims he smokes pot with Barack Obama. Or that he has said in the past he smoked pot in the White House bathroom while Obama was president.

This is why I’m jaded when it comes to Obama and other politicians I actually like or liked or voted for or had bumper stickers on my car for. The man didn’t even want to make a difference on this issue because he thought it would be unpopular. A lot of things are both unpopular and morally correct, if you want to be a leader you have to lead. You can’t just call the people who put you in power crazy hippies and then flagrantly ignore the laws you refuse to try to change for everyone else so you can rub elbows with celebrities.

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