Great White Hope Ben Askren Failed, Who Will End Jake Paul’s ‘Boxing Career’?

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I was about 90% certain Ben Askren was going to give Jake Paul the beat down we all want to see Jake Paul get. Ben Askren was at least a real fighter, having previously gone 19-2 in MMA. Of course, those losses were his two most recent fights and Askren is almost 40 and he put on 20 pounds of clearly not muscle for the fight.

Jake Paul knocked Askren out in the first round and that’s when everyone realized “oh, yeah, MMA isn’t boxing.”

When is Jake Paul going to fight an actual boxer, though? He likes to say he’s 3-0 as a boxer, but he’s actually 0-0 because he’s only ever fought exhibition matches.

The real answer is Jake Paul is never going to fight a real boxer. Why would he? He gets everything he wants from fighting these exhibition matches against not-boxers. He gets all this money and attention and people tune in because they want to see him get his ass kicked.

Even Pete Davidson was ripping on Paul, saying “You can tell how professional this event is by them having me here. We are backstage at Jake Paul’s dressing room, or locker room if you want to call it that. Today is a really wild day for boxing because it just shows how low it has truly sunk. I think today proves the fact that if you have enough followers you can truly f***ing do whatever you want.”

What happened on Saturday wasn’t a boxing match, it was a fucking circus. Jake Paul isn’t a boxer, the people he fights aren’t boxers but they’re making the kind of money normally reserved for the best champions in the history of the sport.

Jake Paul is actually a wrestling villain. Like his brother Logan at Wrestlemania, he’s there for people to boo and hate. And he’s not going to lose because he’s fixing the odds in his favor. Askren was an MMA fighter, he should be able to take Paul down, right? Assuming the fight wasn’t as staged as the ones at Wrestlemania, Askren was a grappler in MMA, not a useful skill in boxing and he’s retired, out of shape and well past his prime. He was set up to fail and from the look of his gut he wasn’t training the way Jake Paul was.

Jake Paul’s boxing career is designed from the ground up to be a viral video. Paul is actually really good at that. He’s basically just exploiting the YouTube algorithm, just outside of YouTube. He knows you want to see him get his ass kicked and he’s going to make you think you might but he’s not going to let you to keep you coming back.

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