How the Internet Invented a Non-Existent Feud between Kendall Jenner and Selena Gomez

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There’s nothing like a good old-fashioned celebrity beef to get the internet talking. So what happens when there isn’t a good beef? Why, you can just manufacture one and immediately take sides, because why not?

here’s how much people live for this kind of thing. Kendall Jenner wore a dress.

It’s a pretty conservative dress for Jenner, she looks like one of those women who was rescued from a bunker where she was living with a dozen sister-wives.

Selena Gomez had worn basically the same dress earlier this year.

That’s somewhat surprising since you’d assume both of them only wear bespoke outfits, but it lead to a little bit of “who wore it better” on Twitter, which is harmless right up until you pull one of the celebs into it without them realizing it.

Obviously Jenner was throwing shade at Selena Gomez here and not just thanking someone for a nice comment. Because Kendall clearly knows every outfit Gomez has ever worn.

So Jenner deleted the tweet once she realized it was referencing Selena Gomez and wasn’t just a weirdly-worded compliment.

And then neither Jenner nor Gomez commented on it because they’re not fighting or throwing shade and you e just all been locked in the house with nothing to do for too long.

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