Is Waka Flocka’s Daughter Charlie’s Photoshoot With Her Mother Tammy Rivera Too Sexy?


Waka Flocka and Tammy Rivera’s daughter Charlie is now a professional model after doing a shoot with her mom advertising the Trivera 2021 swimwear collection. But some people on the internet feel that the 15-year-old is showing too much skin.

When I saw the complaints I was expecting to see her in some sort of micro bikini or something, not a relatively high-cut and conservative one-piece swimsuit.

Tammy Rivera said “My baby @tammiesangel wants to model so her mama gave her her first paid gig, why not Kimora Lee Simmons started runway modeling at the age of 14” and father Waka replied “My baby’s [sic]” so clearly there’s no issue with how she looks from her parents.

Still, the criticisms rolled in from the peanut gallery.

“Waka will be having a heart attack seeing his baby girl Charlie like this 😂😂 he had a meltdown when she wore a crop top.”

“She should have had on more clothes, she’s still a child, smh.”

“I don’t like the swimsuit for a kid, but that’s her daughter 🤷🏾‍♀️.”

“I love them, but my child wouldn’t have the lace wigs, long nails, makeup, n barely any clothes…..but hey to each its own.”

“I don’t know about this one. At least cover her up with one of your sheets. It seems like she is selling her off. Just my opinion. Nonetheless, Beautiful Girl.”

Am I the only person who thinks the only creepy thing going on here are people thinking that this outfit is somehow inappropriate for a 15-year-old? It’s a swimsuit, and an exceedingly modest one at that. What exactly do they want her to wear swimming? A burqa?

It’s just another sign about the current moral panic around sexuality. There’s nothing sexual going on here, just a girl wearing an appropriate swimsuit with her mother. And anyone who thinks there is something sexual here has a really warped outlook.

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