Jake Paul Continues His Reign as the Internet’s Number One Villain at UFC 261

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I’m starting to like Jake Paul. I don’t mean that I like him as a person or I find him particularly entertaining or I would spit on him if he was on fire, but I’m starting to like him the way I liked Cersei Lannister or John Walker on The Falcon and the Winter Soldier. He’s just such a smug dick that I want to punch him in the face and honestly, that’s exactly what Jake Paul is trying to be.

Paul has been riding high after winning his third boxing match against a not-boxer, and he showed up in the audience of UFC 261, presumably to rub it in Dana White’s face that he beat a retired UFC fighter in a boxing match.

Jake had been picking a fight with Joe Rogan’s co-announcer Daniel Cormier, and after the card ended, Cormier, also a retired former fighter who is out of fighting shape and over 40, ran out to confront Paul after he and Rogan noticed him there during the broadcast.

This is as real as the time Vince McMahon’s car blew up on Monday Night Raw and Donald Trump called Vince to see if he was okay.

That’s basically what Jake Paul is doing here; he’s bringing kayfabe back and applying it to his YouTube career. He’s like a method douchebag, he’s always in character, and that character is essentially Ric Flair.

I think that Jake was initially very sincere on his Vines and his early YouTube videos. Like I think he really thought he could make a difference and end school shootings. The only problem is that he actually is kind of a stupid douchebag. So what Jake Paul did, smartly, was lean the fact that everyone hates him and his brother.

Most of his audience is children dumb enough to think he’s a great boxer and was married to that idiot with the giant boobs, so why not make himself a cartoon villain?

First of all, I would not be surprised if he’s working with UFC behind the scenes on this sort of thing. Dana White is a smart promoter, he knows keeping this whole rivalry between Jake Paul and his brand is good for business. I don’t know for sure if that’s the case, this is entirely conjecture, but I wouldn’t be surprised at all to hear it was. It’d be good business to feed Jake Paul a steady stream of retired, over-the-hill fighters to beat up in boxing matches it would be entirely legal to fix and then have people watch the pay-per-views to see what’ll happen next and who will eventually kick his ass.

The answer is no one because if he loses the hustle is over. He can just beat up old men and cash checks, why ruin that.

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