Lil Nas X’s ‘Montero’ Was Seemingly Pulled From Streaming Sites And No One Seems to Know Why

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Lil Nas X’s new hit song “Montero (Call Me By Your Name)” seems to have been pulled from streaming services. As I’m writing this the video is on VEVO, which means it’s still on YouTube, but a lot of social media users are reporting they can’t stream the song on Spotify after Lil Nas X had tweeted the song would become unavailable.

What’s weird about this story is that neither Lil Nas X nor his record label wants the song removed, with both saying it was out of their hands.

What is happening here? Nas even recommended screen recording the audio and video off of YouTube, but there are way better ways to download YouTube videos. Just get jDownloader.

He said he’s uploading the video to PornHub since it’s not on streaming services now.

I think I know what’s going on here: cancel culture strikes again.

Yes cancel culture, that thing that people on the left say doesn’t exist and people on the right say is only PC babies is being deployed against our favorite country music rapper by churchy-types and so Spotify has pulled the song in response to complaints from people afraid of the devil music.

It’s the only thing that really makes sense because if Lil Nas X and Colombia Records didn’t want the song taken down, why was it taken down? The only other party here is Spotify and did you really think they were going to stop at pulling down old episodes of Joe Rogan?

The song is still available in the good old U S of A but has disappeared from services in a number of other countries, and Spotify suggested maybe it’s a temporary rights issue or something without actually giving an answer. But we know who has the rights and it wasn’t them.

I could be wrong, though, as it isn’t just one or two platforms but seems it was removed from streaming services across the board all over the world. It seems like a pull-down driven by complaints would have been somewhat more piecemeal.

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2 years ago

Any form of what should be termed ‘Electronic rape’ that pressures us to enjoy something by forcing in into our ear and eye holes needs to be stopped. Lil Nas x thinks he is the modern Madonna and treats us all like bent over relaxed anuses.