Lizzo is Just Like Us, She Also Gets Drunk and Hits on Chris Evans

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The worst thing you can do when you’re drunk uses your phone. It may seem like a good idea, and sure sometimes you end up having sex with someone, but usually, it’s not someone you want to have sex with. No, with people you actually want to have sex with, you usually just embarrass yourself.

Lizzo is learning this lesson today.


#duet with @lizzo BITCH

♬ original sound – HI I’M TATI 💕

Lizzo revealed that while she was drunk she texted Chris Evans a few emojis, including a basketball, basically saying she’s “shooting her shot.”

I can’t blame her, we all saw his absolutely massive hog when he accidentally posted it to Instagram.

Evans referenced that in the response he sent to Lizzo, telling her there was “no shame” in hitting on him while she was drunk and that he had “done worse” on Instagram.

Lizzo is very disappointed that Evans didn’t propose, calling him “a rare breed.” She’s not wrong. They used digital special effects to make him not look like Captain America in those movies, you know, he actually had the body of a super-soldier.

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