Sex Addicts Rejoice: You Can Finally Paint Your House Pornhub Orange


Have you ever been on PornHub and thought to yourself “Boy, that’s a great shade of orange, I wish I could paint my house that color.” Of course not, orange is incredibly garish and you’re on a website about vaginas. But PornHub is selling orange paint anyway.

Did this whole thing start as a pun? “Paint your trim PornHub Orange! Get it? Trim? PornHub?” And then instead of saying “shut the f**k up, Randy, if we were going to sell paint for a trim why wouldn’t it be pink?” someone said “Randy, you’re a genius, we’ll make a million dollars off of this. You can take home anything you want from the dildo closet, no questions asked.”

As Page Six reports, the Amazon of porn has teamed up with Art Primo to design a PornHub Orange spray paint.

The two are producing a spray paint in the site’s signature orange, as well as tote bags and apparel including a short-sleeve t-shirt, long-sleeve shirt, and hoodies designed by designed by artist Dan Climan.

They also made a video directed by Gogy Esparza that “takes [viewers] on an adrenaline-filled voyeuristic night throughout the darkest corners of New York City in follow-doc style featuring graffiti artists Goog, Karma, Easy, Nep, and Seo,” according to the brands.

Art Primo makes spray paint for the serious graffiti artist because nothing says sticking it to the man like spending $12 on a can of designer spray paint. Seriously, it’s $12.50 a can for PornHub spray paint and $90 for a hoodie.

On the one hand, porn becoming more mainstream is probably good for the sex-positivity. But it’s becoming clearer than ever with the rise of OnlyFans that porn is a commodity like anything else, there’s really nothing edgy or transgressive about it anymore. This just solidifies that neither porn nor graffiti are about outsiders sticking it to the man, it’s just another lifestyle brand being sold to you.

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