Tyson-Holyfield is Off, Now Mike Says He’s Fighting Lennox Lewis

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It’s nice to see Mike Tyson get back in the ring for an exhibition match, even if the last one ended in a draw, but he’s going to have to do better than fighting Lennox Lewis if he wants people to be hyped.

Tyson seemed set to be getting back into the ring with Evander Holyfield, which was really exciting because the last time the two men squared off Iron Mike literally tried to eat Holyfield. That fight fell apart, and we’ve heard it was over money, but I wouldn’t rule out the two boxers not being able to agree on where to eat after the fight.

TMZ reports Tyson is going to fight Lennox Lewis instead of Holyfield for his next exhibition match.

“I’m gonna fight Lennox Lewis,” Tyson told us Tuesday night on the way out of Catch in L.A. … “September.”

TMZ also pointed out that before they fought in 2002, Tyson said he was going to eat Lewis’s children, something I kind of remember because he had already tried to eat Evander Holyfield so you got the impression he might actually do it.

Lennox Lewis is one of the few people to beat Mike Tyson in the ring, and perhaps the last to beat him when he was in fighting shape, and Lennox Lewis was a great fighter in his own right. But still, out of all the possible people I want to see Tyson fight, Lewis ranks behind not only Holyfield but also Buster Douglas.

I’d kind of love to see Tyson fight Buster Douglas again, honestly. I’m sure Tyson would, too, since Douglas shocked the world when he gave Iron Mike his first defeat. I have a feeling Mike could take his revenge now.

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