Usher is Allegedly Using His Own Money, With His Face on it, to Pay Strippers

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One of two things seems to have happened to Usher recently; he’s either become his own country or he’s fallen on hard times and become the world’s worst counterfeiter. Because for some reason, Usher appears to be printing money with his face on it.

The part that gets me is why do they all have the same picture? Can you imagine how confusing it’s going to be for citizens of Ushervania looking through their wallet when every denomination has the same picture?

Usher hit one of the top trending spots on Twitter because this is just such a funny story.

No one ever trends on Twitter for something good. It’s never like “Oh, James Franco is trending, what did he do? Oh, he pulled a teenager out of a burning building.” That’s not going to trend unless he also made out with the teenager.

But, Usher didn’t actually try to tip strippers with currency from the Sovereign Nation of Usherstan. TMZ reports that he paid all his bills and tipped all the performers with actual United States currency, which for the moment is not as useless as “Ushbucks.”

The fake currency was actually a prop from a photoshoot.

And the reason they left a bunch of Usher dollars lying around was to promote Usher’s Vegas residency.

That’s not as funny, but it’s still pretty funny that he had all that currency printed with his face on it. It feels like the first act of a sitcom.

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