Bill Cosby Was Denied Parole, But Should He Have to Go to Rehab to Get It?

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Make no mistake, I think Bill Cosby is guilty. If one person, or maybe even two or three, accuses someone of sexual misconduct, it could be a misunderstanding or not true for other reasons. When fifty women say you drugged and raped them, well, that’s a little beyond misunderstanding or mistake.

So when Bill Cosby was denied parole on his rape conviction, I didn’t feel too bad. A lot of the reasons why came down to Cosby maintaining his innocence and refusing to go to sex offender rehab. In my opinion he did it, so if he doesn’t get parole because he won’t admit it, fine.

But a lot of people who are innocent go to jail anyway, especially minorities. When people who actually are innocent proclaim their innocence, they’re also punished by the system that’s built to reward “taking responsibility” and “showing remorse.”  It’s one thing when Bill Cosby doesn’t show remorse, but when someone who really is innocent is imprisoned for a crime they didn’t commit how are they supposed to be remorseful?

Our justice system is clearly not perfect, and no system could truly be perfect. Think about what a miscarriage of justice it would be for someone really innocent to be in Cosby’s position, being kept in prison for refusing to admit you committed a crime you know you didn’t commit.

Cosby is still hoping the PA Supreme Court will reverse his conviction on some technicality or other. That really doesn’t seem likely, so he may want to just go to sex offender rehab if he wants out of prison.

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