Britney Spears Reportedly Asked to Speak to Judge to Have Her Father Removed From Her Conservatorship

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Last week, Britney Spears’ lawyer informed the judge in her ongoing conservatorship battle that Spears would like to address the court directly on a matter unrelated to the current business of the case, which was Jamie’s using her money to pay for PR on behalf of himself.

Page Six is reporting that Spears intends to ask for her father to be removed from her conservatorship, in a possible step towards ending it entirely.

“Britney’s primary focus is having Jamie removed from the case,” a source tells us. “She feels that ending the conservatorship entirely can always be discussed down the road, but right now the issue is Jamie.”

This actually makes a lot of sense because Jamie Spears has fought tooth and nail against ending the conservatorship in a way that a disinterested third party perhaps might not.

According to our source, Britney wants Jamie removed entirely so that she can resume “a ‘normal’ life.”

“She relishes in simple pleasures like driving her car and going on vacation,” the source says. “Sure, she is able to do as she pleases within her own home — to an extent — but whenever she wants to step foot outside, it immediately has to become a bigger conversation because security guards and lawyers and other people all need to get involved.”

Now, Britney’s father is the only conservator of her estate, the court permanently replaced him as her conservator of the person. But he still has a lot of power in that role.

Our source says Britney recognizes that the conservatorship “isn’t something that can end overnight,” so that is “not her immediate goal.”

The insider adds, “Right now, she just wants her dad out because his role has come between them numerous times and has damaged their relationship.”

Jamie Spears does get what most people would consider a big, fat paycheck for being the conservator of Britney’s estate, and it’s probably safe to assume he would like that income to not go away. Having him removed entirely seems like a necessary first step to having the conservatorship ended in light of everything we’ve seen in this case.

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