‘Charlie Bit My Finger’ Was Sold for Nearly $1 Million as an NFT

An NFT is sort of like a Bitcoin with a jpg stapled to it. Unlike a regular Bitcoin it’s not fungible, which means your string of code on the blockchain will always be the same string of code.

Someone paid $760,999 for an NFT of the YouTube video Charlie bit my finger for some reason. In order to make it feel more like the buyer didn’t piss away three-quarters of a million dollars on absolutely nothing, the video was removed from YouTube.

Yup, no way to watch that kid get his finger bit.

Totally removed from YouTube.

The question, of course, is what do you get when you buy an NFT? It’s actually just kind of a digital baseball card but instead of a tiny amount of paper it uses an incredibly large amount of carbon. The sellers of the NFT, the Davies-Carr family, are buying some carbon offsets with the profits.

Just buy Pokémon cards if you need to waste your money on dumb collectables. You can play a game with them.

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