Former WBC Champion Tony Bellew Thinks Jake Paul Will Ruin Boxing

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Could Jake Paul and his brother Logan ruin boxing? They ruin lots of things: for example, Logan ruined suicide on YouTube by showing someone else’s and not his own. God, look at how much better I am at bullying than Chrissy Teigen. It’s like she wasn’t even trying to get Courtney Stodden to kill herself.

Everyone seems to be pretty pleased that Jake Paul is bringing more attention to boxing, but Tony Bellew, a former cruiserweight boxing champion, thinks there’s much more downside than upside to the Paul brothers being involved in the sport.

Here’s what the retired British boxer said, via The Daily Mail.

These guys aren’t true boxers. They’re someone that’s having a go at a sport. I’ve got no problem with that. But they shouldn’t actually call themselves professional fighters of any magnitude because it’s wrong what they’re doing to the sport by claiming they are fighters. I’m okay with you making a few quid, the only thing I’m going to say here that no one has ever touched upon before and you’ll hear it now for the first time… understand, someone’s going to get hurt doing this and it’s going to come back on boxing.

Now that’s something worth considering. Logan Paul is definitely going to get fustigated fighting Floyd Mayweather. If that fustigation results in Logan Paul then boxing could get a lot of bad press. You know, after we’re done celebrating.

Jake Paul is much less likely to get injured because Jake is only fighting geriatric ham and eggers who are 20 years past their prime so he’s assured a win. So while I don’t have my hopes up about him getting seriously injured, if he did I could totally see him becoming some anti-boxing crusader.

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