God Help Us, Kanye West Hasn’t Ruled Out Another Presidential Run

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Ow that Kanye West has separated from Kim Kardashian, he’s free to do the thing that caused his wife to get fed up with him and tell him to pack his bags in the first place; haphazardly peruse a vanity run for President of the United States.

Fox News reports Kanye told the FEC he’s exploring a 2024 run but hasn’t made a decision.

According to a letter issued to the Federal Election Commission (FEC) obtained by Fox News, the rapper responded to a Request for Further Information (RFAI) in which his representatives note that his Kanye 2020 committee that prompted the request is “strictly exploratory.”

“Kanye West has not decided whether to become a candidate for president in the 2024 election,” the letter reads. “And that the activity of the Kanye 2020 committee that prompted this RFAI is strictly exploratory.”

I kind of want this to happen because Kanye’s campaign was sort of a high point of 2020. The way he clearly had no idea what he was doing and articulated basically no policy positions other than a desire to violate the First Amendment by making kids pray in school was a nice contrast to the way Donald Trump and Joe Biden had no idea what they were doing.

Considering that Joe Biden has turned out way less disappointing than Democrats had expected so far, Kanye has an even more uphill battle this time.

Seriously, Kanye West threw his campaign together on such short notice that he didn’t even make the ballot in all 50 states but he still thought he was going to win. That’s the kind of show I want to see get a second season order.

Since TV networks have all but abandoned sitcoms, we need somewhere to get our laughs and footage of political strategists trying to explain issues to Kanye West could really fill that void left by Brooklyn Nine-Nine ending.

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