How Did Drew Barrymore Accidentally Send a Teenager a Video of Herself Changing

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With a landline phone, if you dial a wrong number, the worst thing that can happen is that you mildly inconvenience a stranger. They pick up, say “sorry, you’ve got the wrong number,” and you apologize and hang up.

Things can go much worse with a mobile phone. Say, for example, you’re a movie star and you take a video of yourself changing and want to send it to Cameron Diaz, but you put in the wrong number. Now a teenaged boy somewhere is just jacking off to that video every day forever.

This has happened to all of us, but it most recently happened to Drew Barrymore, Page Six reports.

“My best friend happens to be Cameron Diaz and I sent her a video of me getting dressed,” she said. “I sent it, it turns out, to a 16-year-old boy named Matthew.”

Barrymore said the nice boy pledged not to leak it online, claiming that he wrote to her, “I have your video, but I promise I won’t put it out anywhere.”

I have so many questions.

Why is Drew Barrymore sending Cameron Diaz videos of herself changing? Is this something people do? I’ve never done this.

Why doesn’t she have Diaz in her address book? Why is she closing texts so often that she needs to put in Diaz’s number?

Regardless, I’m sure the only way this could have gone better for Matthew is if Drew was trying to send Cameron Diaz a video of herself changing she had taken 25 years ago.

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Ghost of Christmas Future
Ghost of Christmas Future
1 year ago


The dateline of this piece is May 20, 2021. It’s been the day after Christmas for a few hours now, so this is a belated Christmas present to you from me:

Women are weird and do weird things. The balance of probability is that you likely identify as male given your…given name. I deduce therefore that you’ve never sent a video of you changing clothes to anyone because you’re a dude.

Happy Belated Christmas,
Ghost of Christmas Future

Ghost of Christmas Future
Ghost of Christmas Future
1 year ago

P. S. Why do you assume that 46 year old Drew Barrymore changing clothes is that hot of a video?