Kim Kardashian Flunked her First Big Law Exam Because of Course She Did

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In recent years, Paris Hilton has tried to reform her image, claiming her public persona as what South Park dubbed a “stupid spoiled whore” was just an act and she’s actually intelligent and deep. I’m not sure I buy it. I’m sure she played up the stereotype somewhat, but I don’t think she’s an entirely different person at all.

Kim Kardashian used to do Paris Hilton’s hair and managed to get herself into the spotlight in much the same way as Hilton, with the release of a sex tape. Of course, Paris’s sex tape was leaked against her will and Kim let hers out publicly on her mother’s advice that it would be her big break, so… yeah.

Kim Kardashian has been trying to become a lawyer by reading the law, which essentially means taking an apprenticeship with a lawyer as opposed to going to law school. Somewhat unsurprisingly, E! reports it’s not going so well for Kim.

In an exclusive sneak peek at Thursday’s Keeping Up With the Kardashians episode on May 27, the mother of four makes a shocking announcement to sisters Kourtney Kardashian and Khloe Kardashian. “So you guys, I did not pass the baby bar,” Kim states.

Now, to be fair to Kim, this is not an easy test to pass, and the lawyer she’s apprenticing with said she did pretty well.

In a flashback, Kim’s mentor, attorney Jessica Jackson, explains that Kim needs a score of 560 to pass the first year law student exam; she got a 474 on her first try taking the test. “That is extremely close on a test that most people are not taking in the middle of a pandemic,” Jackson tells her.

Now, this isn’t the state bar exam, but I’ve heard only half the people who take that test pass it on the first try.

Kim seems to have worked really hard to pass and failed, and that’s okay, she can always try again.

And look, I think it’s great Kim wants to help the way she does, and her cause of fighting for justice for people who were wrongly convicted is actually a really good one. She doesn’t have to be a lawyer to help, though. I think maybe spokesman and fundraiser are more up her alley. She made nearly a billion dollars on a business that’s one step removed from dropshipping, she does have skills. Those skills don’t really involve knowing things, though. But she can still use her skills for good.

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