Kim Kardashian’s Household Staff is Suing Her For Back Pay

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Kim Kardashian seems to have disagreed with a lot of what Donald Trump did as President, unlike her ex-husband Kanye West. Kim had famously asked Trump to grant clemency to certain death row inmates and he refused, presumably because killing potentially innocent people made him feel like a big man.

But Kim and Trump allegedly have one thing in common: not paying people who do work for them.

Page Six reports that Kardashian is being sued by a group of former household staff like gardeners and housekeepers over unpaid wages.

According to the suit, filed Monday in Los Angeles, the plaintiffs claim Kardashian, 40, was late with their pay, withheld 10 percent of their wages for taxes — and then didn’t forward those sums to the government — refused to pay them overtime, and sometimes forced them to work without meal breaks.

They claim they didn’t receive itemized pay stubs, and one 16-year-old ex-employee holds that he was made to work far past the 48 maximum allowable hours for an underage summer employee. Another claims that when he brought up overtime pay, the tax issue and meal breaks, he was immediately fired.

That sounds pretty bad and not at all like the person Kim claims to be publicly, and it doesn’t track with her work with The Innocence Project and her aspirations to become a lawyer to help the people who need help.

What Kim says, and what sounds both entirely reasonable and believable, is that she was never these people’s employer, but that they worked for a third party company that Kim hired to provide services and that company was responsible for paying them.

I actually find it more believable that the Kardashian-Wests hired a service for their household staff than that Kim and Kanye sat and interviewed gardeners. Can you imagine Kanye West trying to interview someone to be a maid? Seriously, just think about it for ten seconds.

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