One of the Two Guys Joe Exotic Married Claims the Wedding was Fake

Ahh, Joe Exotic, the internet’s second-favorite convicted attempted murderer.

I’ll bet Sideshow Bob would’ve gotten that pardon from Donald Trump, he got one from Quimby.

Joe is back in the news because one of his “husbands” has gotten actually married and claims that the marriage he had with Joe Exotic was just something staged as part of Exotic’s attempt to get a reality TV show, as Page Six reported.

However, he insisted that now-infamous scenes of their 2014 three-way wedding with Travis Maldonado — all wearing garish bright pink shirts — was just a publicity-generating scam.

“The fake one was basically a publicity stunt so Joe could get his own reality TV series,” the welder insisted.

Of course, that doesn’t explain why he got Joe Exotic’s name tattooed all over his body.

He even had an inking reading “Privately Owned By Joe Exotic” just above John’s groin that he covered with an angry bull’s head. He still has four others, including “Joe” on the right side of his chest and “For My Husband, Joe” on his upper arm.

But Joe could end up with a reality TV show in the end. By 2037 Fox might be looking to fill an hour Wednesdays with World’s Most Incompetent Hitman Hirers.

As for John Finlay, he’s married a woman named Stormey proving he really does have a type and that type lives in a trailer park.

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