Stephen King Says J. K. Rowling Cancelled Him

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J. K. Rowling hates cancel culture. Just absolutely hates it. You know, when it means that people who disagree with her about something choose not to give her time or attention because of her views. When someone disagrees with her opinions, she seemingly can’t cancel them fast enough.

Take Stephen King. About a year ago, someone asked him for his opinion on trans rights and he said, simply and clearly, “Trans women are women.” This caused Rowling to unfollow him and delete a tweet praising him.

Now King is talking about how she canceled him in a new interview with The Daily Beast. Here’s what King said, via Uproxx.

King says that Rowling is welcome to her opinion (even if it’s a sh*tty, hateful opinion) because “that’s the way that the world works. If she thinks that trans women are dangerous, or that trans women are somehow not women, or whatever problem she has with it — the idea that someone ‘masquerading’ as a woman is going to assault a ‘real’ woman in the toilet — if she believes all those things, she has a right to her opinion.” But “I just felt that her belief was, in my opinion, wrong. We have differing opinions, but that’s life.”

He did add that “Jo canceled me” but that “She’s on the side of the angels in most respects, but she does have this one thing that she’s very vehement about. No doubt.”

I think King’s response is pretty classy here. Rowling is doing the thing she hates the most, trying to silence people on the basis of their differing opinions, but King is saying “Yeah, you’re right about a lot of things, but I feel that you’re wrong about this.”

It’s a hell of a thing to disagree about because I’m sure most people would consider trans rights a pretty important issue, it’s probably the great civil rights issue of our day. Not that we’ve actually settled any of yesterday’s civil rights issues yet.

But people can disagree, even on life and death issues, and still be reasonable and work to make the world better at least on the issues they agree on. That’s what life is, you can’t just go around canceling everyone who disagrees with you and shutting down all dissent as J.K. Rowling did here.

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