Shailene Woodley and Aaron Rodgers’ Covid Toe Break Off Their Engagement

I’m not surprised. Shailene Woodley realized she was about to marry Aaron Rodgers, came to her senses and called it off. Aaron and Shailene are done according to TMZ.

It’s no surprise. These two were probably done months ago. Neither talked about each other on social media. No shots of them together. And you KNOW if they wanted to be photographed together, they’d call up their favorite overseas paparazzi and arrange a “spontaneous” outing. At Disneyland. Like they did last year.

Can’t help but wonder if Rodgers’ whole Covid and conspiracy theories made Woodley shudder in despair.

Or maybe their contract expired.

Woodley claims to be bisexual, but rumored to be GAY GAY GAY.

Rodgers also is rumored to be GAY GAY GAY.

It’s possible Woodley really wants a family so a partnership with Rodgers would have worked out well for both. They could have rubbed their ickies together, popped out a kid and lived a secret life out in public.

Hope these two find their contractually obligated soulmates in the future.

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