So Will Smith Just Slapped Chris Rock at the Oscars

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The good thing about Twitter, apart from people telling you to kill yourself, is that you don’t have to actually sit through 3 hours of Oscars to find out if something interesting happens. You can just go on, see the 15 second clip and look at a bunch of memes about it that somehow are created half a second later.

Case in point, Chris Rock was hosting the 2022 Oscars where he made a joke about not being able to wait to see Jada Pinkett Smith in GI Jane 2 which was a reference to her shaved head. A shaved head from a medical condition she has called alopecia. It looked like it got a laugh from Will until about 30 seconds later when he walked on stage and slapped Chris.

It made things super awkward like at Thanksgiving when your distant uncle tells you what a pretty woman you’ve become even though you’re a guy and have been your entire life. Anyway, Denzel and Tyler Perry tried to console a crying Will during commercial break.

Will also apologized for hitting Chris when he won Best Actor for King Richard.

I’m just here for the memes though.

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