Amber Heard Denies Warner Bros. Cut and Recast Her ‘Aquaman 2’ Role, Calls Reports ‘Slightly Insane’

Amber Heard, through her representative, says y’all are “slightly insane,” she hasn’t been cut from Aquaman 2.

Reports today came out that Warner Bros. cut Heard’s Aquaman 2 part and recast it. This was due to poor test screenings.

Later in the day, another update came out that said she’s been minimized, but not cut, though Just Jared (who reported the news) stood by their initial report.

Well, Heard’s rep calls BS on all your rumors:

The rumor mill continues as it has from day one — inaccurate, insensitive, and slightly insane.

That’s what they said to Fox News Digital. Who knows? Who really knows anymore.

What we do know is that the “public” doesn’t want Heard anywhere near Aquaman 2, but the “public” are just voices bought by Johnny Depp’s PR team. How else do you explain comments rolling in the minute Depp put out his TikTok? Or that avalanche of tweets coming out in support of Depp? You think that many people care about Captain Jack and those Pirates of the Caribbean movie?

Heard lies and is kinda fake. She wasn’t believable during the trial.

But, one thing is true, which Heard has said. Depp can win because he has money and power. He can hire better bots, better PR teams to spin and rehab his image.

For instance, Depp hired New York PR manager Matthew Hiltzik for this trial. This guy’s represented Hillary Clinton, Brad Pitt, Harvey Weinstein and Eliot Spitzer. Heard does not have Captain Jack money. Who do you think she’s calling? Someone off Yelp probably.

Depp’s money can manipulate people’s emotions. Add in Depp’s charisma, his waves and smiles to the public when he steps out of the courtroom, and it’s a hard wall to break through.

Heard’s going to retire to her home in the desert. Doubtful she’ll get any great roles in the near future. Meanwhile, Depp will get another shot at Captain Jack, make millions and go on like nothing happened.

Is that fair? No. But that’s life.

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