Britney Spears’ Ex-Husband Jason Alexander Crashes Her Wedding, Gets Arrested on Multiple Charges

Britney Spears had an unexpected visitor at her wedding, ex-husband Jason Alexander. The 55-year-old, for some reason, stormed Spears’ wedding venue, streaming himself on Instagram Live while doing so.

Alexander walked around asking for Britney and saying she invited him. He also said “she’s my first wife, my only wife and I’m her first husband.” Umm, people are weird.

Security took a chill approach in the beginning, slowly blocking Alexander from going to certain areas. Eventually though, the video goes still as security presumably takes him down.

According to TMZ, police booked Alexander for trespassing, vandalism and two batteries against security. Turns out he also has a felony larceny warrant in another county, so get comfy in jail Jason.

No clue what Alexander wanted. There wasn’t anyone there but security. Even during the video, Alexander says “no one’s here but Sam [Spears’ fiance Sam Asghari].” Like, that should’ve been a clue to cut your losses and come back next time.

Meanwhile, Britney and Sam still plan to marry tonight. The show must go on. And I still think Sam’s using Britney, but she’s blind to it. It is what it is.

Check out Alexander’s Instagram Live wedding crashing video below.

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