Chelsea Handler Tricked Into Thinking She Was a Lingerie Model

Poor Chelsea Handler. A lingerie company told her she could be in their ads, but supposedly reneged. Handler is suing for $1.5 million. You can be sued for a joke?

ThirdLove, whose tagline is “bras and underwear for every body,” allegedly wanted Handler to promote their line. TMZ reports ThirdLove loved Handler’s body positive image, which is code and we all know what that code means. Handler is the “every body” in the “bras and underwear for every body” slogan.

Handler, in her lawsuit, claims she went on a special exercise routine to get ready for the photoshoots. Special routine? I found it on YouTube.

She’s pushing a weighted sled up the driveway, doing pilates and ab curls with a medicine ball. So special that you can find half the people in a gym doing the same thing.

Handler also claims she paid her own way to Canada from Los Angeles for the photoshoot. That sounds so desperate. That’s like pay to play for models. Don’t do that.

The comedian says she missed out on other opportunities, pinning her hopes on ThirdLove.

Handler appears to have done a possible sponsored post with Kit Garments back in 2019. She took a selfie posing in their underwear and made sure to shout out her discount code. I’ll give her credit, she has a 6-pack.

Kit Garments “has primarily sold to 18- to 34-year-old urban women, according to the founders.” 18, 34, two things which Handler is not. Granted, she looks young, but not 18-year-old young. What 18-year-old buys underwear because it’s the same one her mother wears.

ThirdLove recently bought Kit Garments and rebranded it to “Kit Undergarments for Thirdlove”. Maybe Handler’s agreement was actually with Kit Garments, and not ThirdLove. Now ThirdLove gets sued.

As an aside, super impressed with Kit Garments. Jamie Mizrahi and Simone Harouche, two Hollywood stylists, started it in 2019. Likely due to their connections, they got stars such as Dakota Fanning, Kate Hudson and Zoe Saldana to model them. Maybe paid, don’t know. But they got Hollywood stars to be their influencers, built up the brand, then flipped it and cashed out just three years later.

Handler’s doing well, but $1.5m isn’t chump change. If she can settle for half that amount, she’s ahead. Random thought, do Jennifer Aniston’s friends still hate Chelsea Handler?

Anyway, Handler’s currently on a 40 stop tour for “Vaccinated and Horny Tour.” HBO Max and Peacock bought two specials she sold. She also had a cannabis kit out in 2021 called “America is Back Kit.”

Everyone is hustling, I love it.

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