Don’t Ask Ezra Miller to Babysit, Your Kids Might End Up With Bullets in Their Mouths

Ezra Miller: performance art or future cult leader? Miller, according to Rolling Stone, has a 25-year-old mother and her three young children staying at his Vermont farm. If he ever Airbnb’s his place, he’ll need to make sure to write up the unattended guns and bullets lying around the farm. On the plus side, you can heal yourself in the company of a violent psycho with possible mental issues. 5 star experience, will go back again.

Rolling Stone says the mother disagrees and believes she and her children receive a safe environment with Miller. She continues and states The Flash star helped her escape a violent and abusive ex. I’m dubious about her parenting skills and judgement already.

It’s so unsafe according to one source that a one-year-old picked up a loose bullet and put it into her mouth. This isn’t child endangerment?

The mother whose kids range from one to five years old waves off these allegations of any danger with firearms lying around.

They may have firearms for self-defense purposes and they are stored in a part of the house that the children never go in… My kids are able to relax more into their healing because of the safety and nurturing Ezra has been providing for them.

Video seen by Rolling Stone allegedly shows an entirely unsafe environment.

Video footage from April reviewed by Rolling Stone appears to show at least eight assault weapons, rifles, and handguns lying around the living room, with some weapons propped up next to a pile of stuffed animals.

Sources also claim that there’s careless marijuana use around the children. Was the 1-year-old high when it put that bullet in its mouth?

Miller is preying on vulnerable people, that’s my take. He allegedly flew out the mother and her children out of Hawaii without the father’s knowledge.

He also has another set of parents wanting to sue him for allegedly grooming their daughter. In that case, he allegedly groomed then 12-year-old Tokata Iron Eyes. Iron Eyes allegedly dropped out of school and followed Ezra around the United States.

This reminds me of Keith Raniere’s sex cult NXIVM and how it trapped Smallville star Allison Mack. She helped Raniere recruit women to his cult, believing she was helping them. She only realized in the end that no, it really was a sex and trafficking cult.

Miller is starting his own cult and young kids are possibly in danger. Thoughts and prayers aren’t gonna be enough for this one.

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