Have You Seen Bam Margera? No One Can Find Him After He Escaped a Rehab Center

Call 9-1-1 if you see Bam Margera because no one can find him. The former reality star escaped an unknown Florida rehab center on Monday without permission.

According to the rehab facilities manger, Margera was “unsatisfied with the facility’s treatment and that he was going to check himself into a different one.” What’s “unsatisfied” mean in this case? That they weren’t helping him get better or that they were too restrictive.

Earlier this year, a Florida court ordered Margera to the facility under the Marchman Act. According to CBS News, this “provides emergency assistance and temporary detention for individuals requiring substance abuse evaluation and treatment in the state of Florida.” Also, I didn’t even know Bam was in Florida now.

Margera does not appear to be a harm to himself if reports are accurate. That’s comforting because Margera has had a LOT of stuff going on these past few years.

He’s had to fight off alcoholism, he had a restraining order on him by Jeff Tremaine, director of Jackass, he posted really uncomfortable videos that show him in bad shape. Margera has a lot of work to do.

On Tuesday, he posted a pic on Instagram of him and another guy, who’s supposedly his sponsor.

Good luck to Bam wherever he is.

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