Olivia Rodrigo Dedicates ‘F**k You’ Song to the Supreme Court, But The Justices Were Too Old to Hear

Olivia Rodrigo joined other celebrities in railing against the Roe v. Wade decision. Rodrigo performed Lily Allen’s song “F**k You”, brought Allen out to join and had the crowd sing-a-long “f**k you” during the chorus. The two played Glastonbury Festival in England.

Before the song, Rodrigo talked to the audience about the impact of the decision on women across the United States.

“I’m devastated and terrified. So many women and so many girls are going to die because of this. I wanted to dedicate this next song to the five members of the Supreme Court who have showed us that at the end of the day, they truly don’t give a s**t about freedom. The song is for the justices: Samuel Alito, Clarence Thomas, Neil Gorsuch, Amy Coney Barrett, Brett Kavanaugh. We hate you! We hate you.”

Once she started performing, the Glastonbury crowd went apeshit. The entire crowd joined in the chorus.

Watch the full cover below:

Lily Allen’s “F**k You” song’s chorus is simple. You can sing along at home.

F**k you (F**k you), f**k you very, very much
‘Cause we hate what you do
And we hate your whole crew
So please, don’t stay in touch (Da-da-da-da-da-da-da)
F**k you (F**k you), f**k you very, very much
‘Cause your words don’t translate
And it’s getting quite late
So please, don’t stay in touch

Very fitting. I’m sure the Supreme Court Justices will change their mind now.

The internet reacted super favorably to Rodrigo’s f**k you to the justices.

Rodrigo has covered other musicians before, such as Avril Lavigne’s “Complicated,” Veruca Salt’s “Seether,” and No Doubt’s “Just a Girl.” None of these have the impact of this cover though. None as important.

Other musicians at Glastonbury Festival have spoken out against the Roe v. Wade decision.

Phoebe Bridgers asked the crowd to shout “F**k You!” before one of her songs. She asked “Are there any Americans here? What wants to say ‘F**k the Supreme Court’ on three?”

Let’s see how long this energy lasts. It took 50 years to overturn the decision. Can Rodrigo fight until she’s 70?

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B. Young
B. Young
1 year ago

She is so stupid and most uneducated idiot of a supposed young singer. How about the lives of girls and future women saved. The decision puts the decision of killing babies back to the citizens of each state to decide and not dictated by the federal government. It was never a Constitutional right to begin with and that is why it was corrected after so many years. Understand the Constitution since it protects the rights all Even idiots like you. Sing the song to your self since it truly addresses your idiocy.