Police Have Found Bam Margera

Bam Margera escaped from a rehab center, but thankfully, has been located. Police and a crisis intervention team found the star in Delray Beach, Florida, holed up at a hotel.

Margera went AWOL from rehab on Monday and no one could find him.

Per TMZ, the Jackass star was found at the hotel and voluntarily returned to the rehab facility.

Margera had been court ordered to stay at the rehab facility, but felt “unsatisfied” there. Unsatisfied about what you ask?

Our sources say Bam’s frustration with the rehab center was stemming from the fact he was not getting special treatment as a celebrity, unlike other rehab stops in his past, and grew frustrated enough to leave.

What a diva. Addiction doesn’t care about your fame.

TMZ also says although Margera hasn’t relapsed, he’s also been off his medication since he left. That doesn’t sound promising, but hopefully, nothing bad happens.

Margera has had a tough go of things these past few years.

He’s had a restraining order filed against him by Jeff Tremaine, director of Jackass. There were drunk, incoherent videos he filmed of himself. All in all, a lot of worrying incidences.

If he gets better, maybe he can come back to MTV for more reality shows. Jackass is the gravy train that never stops running.

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Big Jim
Big Jim
1 year ago

Yeah, Bam if you could just go ahead and FOAD, that would be great.