R. Kelly Probably Gonna Die in Prison, Gets 30 Years for Racketeering and Sex Trafficking

R. Kelly got a very stiff sentence today for his racketeering and sex trafficking conviction. The judge in his case gave him 30 years in prison. R. Kelly is 55 right now. That means he’ll likely die in prison.

A jury found R. Kelly guilty last September of sexual exploitation of children, forced labor, kidnapping, and violations of the Mann Act. The act bars transporting anyone across state lines for sex.

At the sentencing, his victims read statements about the impact of Kelly’s crimes on them.

One woman identified as Angela called him a “pied piper” for luring children with his fame.

With every addition of a new victim, you grew in wickedness. You used your fame and power to groom and coach underage boys and girls for your own sexual gratification.

Kelly had aruged everything he did was consensual. Which seems like every predator says.

One woman during the trial says Kelly forced her to have an abortion to “keep her body tight.”

The same woman said Kelly smeared feces on her mouth and made her eat it for disobeying his rules.

How many people gonna make Kelly eat his own s**t in prison?

One prisoner already beat Kelly down in prison. It happened a couple years ago. Pro-Kelly protests outside the jail forced the jail to lock down. Guess prisoners don’t take kindly to inconveniences.

What’s Kevin Spacey thinking right now? Harvey Weinstein, R. Kelly, Bill Cosby, no one’s going light on these people.

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