Shiloh Jolie-Pitt Dancing is Your Next Viral Sensation

Watching Shiloh Jolie-Pitt dancing will make you feel old if you follow Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. The 16-year-old Jolie-Pitt also is pretty good. Granted, why am I grading a teenager on skill when it should be about enjoyment.

She’s got her own (at least, fan-inspired) YouTube channel, Shiloh Jolie-Pitt Dancing. Looks like she goes to Millenium Dance Complex in Los Angeles. Of course, they’re huge on YouTube with their Millenium Dance Complex Los Anglees channel.

Jolie-Pitt’s YouTube channel started up in February 2022. In her first video ever on YouTube, she wears a tie-dye shirt while dancing to Christina Aguilera and Ozuna’s “Santo”.

In case you wanted to know, here’s every song Jolie-Pitt has danced to so far:

Usher – “Yeah”
Dua Lipa – “Jack Harlow”
Ed Sheeran – “Shivers”
Lizzo – “About Damn Time”
Chlöe – “Treat”
Keed Tha Heater – “Big Dawg”
Migos ft. Young Thug & Travis Scott – “Give No F**k”
Silk Sonic – “Leave The Door Open”
Maroon 5 – “Moves like Jagger”
Mike Teezy – “Bye Felecia”
Rihanna – “Skin”

Her dance to Lizzo’s “About Damn Time” blew up with 1.3 million views so far. Probably because it’s the only video where she’s not wearing a mask.

The most recent one has her dancing to Doja Cat’s “Vegas”.

She’s even got her own fanpage on TikTok.

According to a source, Angelina Jolie supported Shiloh’s dance interest to the fullest.

Angelina has made a huge effort to nurture her kids’ interests in all kinds of things and over the years…[S]he’s enrolled them in everything from art classes to computer programming to martial arts and at one point or another, all the kids have tried out dance lessons.

The source also adds:

Shiloh started out with private lessons before she joined a small studio near their house and then all through the pandemic, she was doing zoom classes. She’s very committed to it…Angelina‘s amazed by how talented Shiloh is, but more than that she loves to see how happy Shiloh is when she’s dancing. A career in dance is something that she could pursue one day, but Angelina is not pushing her in that direction at all, she encourages her to do it simply because it makes her happy.

Not sure what dance careers are available these days. Maybe in the metaverse?

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