Tom Hanks Tells Fans to ‘Back the F**k Off’ After Fans Nearly Trip Rita Wilson

Never seen Tom Hanks go off like this. Fans almost caused Hanks’ wife Rita Wilson to trip. This made Hanks turn around furiously and tell the fans to “this is my wife, back the f**k off!” I love it, Mr. Rogers go off.

The two got dangerously surrounded by fans in New York City on Wednesday. Some tried to get selfies, others took photos. At one point, Wilson nearly trips over a fan.

This causes Hanks to turn around and tell everyone to back the f**k off. You can see Hanks visibly angry, putting his hands up to one fan to keep them away.

One poor kid with glasses looks at Hanks embarrassingly as Hanks addresses him.

Look at that kid, he’s like…wtf? Funny thing is, usually in these situations, it probably wasn’t him that caused this. One tweet points out the guy in the black cap nearly tripped Wilson, but acts like he didn’t.

Reactions on Twitter supported Hanks for defending his wife.

Other Twitter users compared this to Will Smith’s slap.

Good on Hanks for defending his wife. Also, I feel really bad for that kid in the glasses. He’s like, what the…I didn’t do s**t!

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