Travis Barker Still Hospitalized, Kourtney Kardashian Hasn’t Left His Side Since

Travis Barker hasn’t left the hospital since getting admitted two days ago. Barker has been diagnosed with pancreatitis resulting from colonoscopy complications.

Kourtney Kardashian accompanied Barker at the time. Since then, she’s stayed at the hospital and hasn’t left his side. This according to TMZ.

Kardashian drove Barker to the hospital and also walked with him as he was wheeled in on a gurney.

Barker’s daughter, Alabama, had asked for prayers, sharing via Instagram a shot of her holding Barker’s hand while he laid in the hospital bed. She later deleted the Instagram story.

Pancreatitis hospitalizations can last for 5-10 days. While four in five cases recover quickly, the rest have severe, many times, fatal results.

Kris Jenner is hoping Barker’s the four out of five case. Even she wouldn’t have cameras following him if he could die. She’s not that publicity hungry is she?

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