Amber Heard’s Rumored Payday for Biography Makes It an Expensive Doorstop

Amber Heard’s PR people must be pumping out this laughable take. Radar reports she’ll get up to $15 million for a tell-all book.

Just for perspective, Bill Clinton got $15 million for biography, Hillary Clinton got $14 million and Jerry Seinfeld got $7 million. If Amber’s getting $15m, then we’re in trouble because that means inflation is out of control.

Heard needs all the money she can find with a $100 million judgement hanging over her head. She’s trying to get a new trial claiming several reasons: a fake juror, lack of evidence that her op-ed piece hurt Johnny Depp’s career and that she acted with malice.

Depp, meanwhile, made $800,000 off NFT sales. He then donated the proceeds to four charities across the world: Perth Children’s Hospital Foundation, Great Ormond Street Hospital Children’s Charity, The Footprint Coalition and the Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles. That’s nice of Depp, although I’m sure he gets a tax write-off, so he gets benefits that don’t immediately come to the public’s mind.

It’s unclear why anyone would pay anything close to $15 million for Heard’s biography.

Everything we know came out in the trial. If anyone wants gossip, there’s zero chance her memoir will have it.

Anything she writes in the book could get her sued. So, the stuff we most want to read won’t get published because of that.

At best, her biography will end up in a bargain bin somewhere. Or if by some misfortune you get stuck with it, it’ll make a good monitor stand.

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