Amber Heard Wants a Do-Over on Her Johnny Depp Trial

Amber Heard misunderstands the point of trials. You don’t keep having them until you win.

Heard’s lawyers filed new documents in Virginia. They’ve asked for a new trial and laid out multiple reasons why.

They give three broad reasons: a fake juror, insufficient evidence by Johnny Depp’s team that her words hurt his career and that Depp was never named in her op-ed piece. Heard is grasping at thin air here.

First, they say Depp’s lawyers didn’t give enough evidence that her op-ed piece hurt Depp’s career. They’re saying his career was already in the toilet before she wrote it, so how could it get even worse? They go on to say that Depp’s side didn’t present enough evidence that she acted with malice.

Next, they say she never named Depp in her op-ed piece.

Lastly, they claim there’s a fake juror. This last one is interesting.

Heard’s lawyers claim juror #15 stated a  birth year of 1945 to the court. Yet, Heard’s lawyers say their research shows the juror to be much younger. They guess 1970. Their “research” could be Facebook or Instagram, who knows. But on this basis, they’ve asked the court to investigate. If it’s true that the juror lied, then they want a new trial.

If a juror lies, there could be a basis for a new trial. A ton of people want to be a jurors in a celebrity trial. It’s the proximity to celebrities, the possible 15 minutes of fame, an infinite number of reasons that could lead them to lie.

Of course, Heard can also claim incompetent lawyers. Maybe that’s the best way to get a new trial. Or just take the L and move on.

Heard can’t seem to get away from lawyers. Besides the Depp trial, she’s got Australia after her for perjury.

How is she able to afford lawyers and flying back and forth everywhere? Once her money runs out, all her lawyers will abandon her.

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