Beyonce Says ‘Patience Is a Virtue’ After Album Leaks, but She’ll Probably Sue Everyone to Oblivion

Beyonce’s new album Renaissance comes out Friday, but fans have already leaked new songs. No doubt Beyonce gonna go Hulk on these leakers.

Bianca Magendans, a French fan, tweeted herself or someone else holding a a copy of the CD in stores.

She later deleted her tweet and said “I will not leak it. She worked on it for months and it’s not for me to ruin it.”

Beyonce was not happy.

On the Shop Beyonce Instagram account, she wrote: “Patience is a virtue”

She also revealed Renaissance‘s four poses for the album cover at the same time.

You know she’s gonna try to erase these leaks off the internet like she did with Beyonce’s “unflattering” photos from the Super Bowl, even if they’re only two days before Renaissance officially drops.

The Beyhive is trying to get fans to ignore the leaks.

Some even went into cult territory, like they were doing Beyonce’s bidding.

This fan says Beyonce should blame herself for the leaks.

The build-up to this new album seems low-key. She joined TikTok, that’s about it.

Beyonce’s new album features husband Jay-Z, Pharrell, Drake, Tems and more. She calls the new album “a place to be free of perfectionism and overthinking.”

Taken another way, maybe it’s gonna be an album of some good songs and lots of fillers.

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