Yes, Brie Larson Has Friends

Brie Larson wants you to know she’s not some socially awkward homeschooled loner. All this in response to a Gawker article asking if she has any actual friends.

Larson posted pics of herself and her “friends” enjoying a charcuterie board. Here’s Larson running in a bikini across the lawn. Here’s Larson smiling next to a woman, implying possible friendship.

She captioned it “Sometimes all you need is a sprinkler, a charcuterie board, a polaroid and friends!”

It looks like a response to Gawker’s Olivia Craighead article from last week. Craighead wrote a deep dive into Larson’s social media to find out: “Does Brie Larson Have Friends?

In it, she wondered aloud, as the title suggests, why you never see Larson have any friends around. Not on Instagram, or even in paparazzi photos.

Some choice bits include calling her “a public persona akin to that of a Mormon-adjacent lifestyle influencer who peaked in 2016.” Have you ever seen the whole Mormon influencer Youtube ring? It hasn’t peaked, trust me. Their content still gets millions of views.

Craighead also calls out Larson’s Instagram for fake candid photos of nothing relatable. Like Larson swinging on a swing labeling it “See a swing, ride a swing ✨ To her, all Larson’s Instagram has are photos “of herself with books and gym equipment and food — but one thing she does not post is any evidence that she has friends.”

It essentially tried to read the tea leaves on Larson’s social life using social media as a proxy.

It was 1200 words of snark. Actually something that would fit in here.

Larson’s Instagram post seems to be a fun response to the article. She’s not taking it too seriously.

However, others on Twitter stuck up for Larson and came for Craighead.

Jimmy Kimmel Live! writer Blaire Erskine tweeted “insane to think that this time last year we were shaming people for being shitheads to famous women in the early aughts and now we’re like “BriE LaRsOn DoesN’t HaVe anY FriEnds here’s a super bitchy article about it!!!!!” and “not that women HAVE to support other women just because they’re women – but goddamn there are plenty of straight up shitty people to write snarky articles about. just a waste really. maybe hire a writer who has something to say.”

Yes, please provide a list of acceptable people to s**t on. Maybe Erskine’s boss Jimmy Kimmel? The guy who said his “vision of hell is a bunch of monitors with my old shows running on them.” Because he wondered twenty years ago on The Man Show, how many women actually know what “suffrage” means when talking about the women’s suffrage movement. Or his blackface skits.

These tweets summed up the general mood, i.e. Craighead should look around and see if she’s the one without friends.

Variety stuck up for Brie too, pointing out that Natalie Portman called her a friend. As if anyone in Hollywood wouldn’t lie (next article for Craighead: Are Portman and Brie REALLY friends??)

Someone pointed out Brie’s response to Craighead who responded with “i’m cryin.”

She also doesn’t get the Larson fanaticism and people trying to prove that yes, Brie Larson has friends.

Honestly, the Craighead article was old-school Gawker. Lots of snark. Larson is a random target, but whatever.

Craighead calling Woody Allen and Alec Baldwin “two bags of dust” is something we can all get behind though.

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