We’re About to Find Out Those Secret Bedroom Recordings Britney Spears’ Father Allegedly Made

More Britney Spears’ secrets expected to come out. A judge in Los Angeles ruled Britney’s father Jamie Spears must sit for a deposition. Did he ever expect this day when he was allegedly siphoning Britney’s money?

Britney’s attorney Mathew Rosengart asked for the deposition to see how how Jamie managed Britney’s previous conservatorship.

Britney escaped the conservatorship earlier this year.

Jamie had countered Rosengart’s request by asking Britney to be deposed as well. Rosengart strongly disagreed to this. Rosengart said:

The mere deposition itself is harassment. You do not put a victim back in front of the victimizer. It’s the wrong thing to do…That would be wrong whether my client is Britney Spears or Jane Doe.

Per TMZ, the judge was prepared to deny Jamie’s motion. However, the final decision’s been held off until July 27.

The session got so heated the judge had to ask both attorneys to sit.

The judge’s final ruling requires Jamie to sit for a deposition in LA within 30 days. Also, Jamie has to produce all documents related to electronic surveillance.

The electronic surveillance is related to alleged spying by Jamie on Britney.

The worst allegation is that Jamie had security install an audio recording device in Britney’s bedroom. One recording was so bad one security staffer nervously asked another to erase the device. Yet, a copy allegedly exists. That’s worth a lot of money to those gossip outlets.

Rosengart has called Jamie “a reported alcoholic and gambling addict.” He’s also claimed he paid himself $6.3 million out of Britneys’ conservatorship.

How many times will Jamie say “I don’t recall” during deposition? Expect a sudden loss of memory by Jamie in 30 days.

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