Cheryl Burke ‘Kind of Lonely’

Hey, even celebrities feel the same as you, you cookie eating, crumbs on the shirt lonely fatty. Cheryl Burke confessed on her podcast that she’s lonely and would like someone to text at night. My number is 555-555-1212. HMU.

Burke, on her podcast “Burke In The Game,” says that “I wouldn’t mind having a text relationship with someone or even just someone to flirt with.”

Does every celeb have a podcast?? They all want that Joe Rogan $100m Spotify money. Or the Smartless $80 million Amazon money.

The nights are the loneliest. Burke admitted “at the end of the day, you know, when I close my eyes and go to bed, it is kind of lonely.” Random sex helps, no?

Burke may turn to dating apps, but not the ones you commoners use. Celebs use Raya, an invite-only app for celebs. Snooty if you ask me. “It might be the only way” Burke says.

Maybe she can meet someone on there to give her her first orgasm. Let’s clarify that. Her first orgasm through intercourse.

She’s admitted to never having one, but quickly added it wasn’t a reflection on her partners. Yea, right.

Again, on her podcast, she revealed her unfortunate condition.

That has nothing to do with the person. It has everything to do with me and my shame and my child abuse and my vulnerability and my trust in myself.

Oh…child abuse. Errrm, moving on.

Burke filed for divorce from former Boy Meets World Matthew Lawrence in February 2022. She’s also admitted that she hasn’t had sex since 2021.

These past two years have been tough for Burke.

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