Doja Cat Calls ‘Stranger Things’ Noah Schnapp a ‘Snake’, ‘Weasel’ and ‘Socially Unaware’ for Sharing Private DM

Doja Cat versus Stranger Things star Noah Schnapp. Who ya got? Because this could get wild.

Doja Cat, 26, called out Schnapp, 17, for leaking a private DM between the two. One in which she thirsted for Stranger Things co-star Joseph Quinn and wanted Schnapp’s help in DMing Quinn.

Doja asked Schnapp to play matchmaker and get Quinn to DM her. Schnapp told her to slide Quinn’s DMs, but Doja said “he [Quinn] doesn’t have a dm to slide in.” Schnapp then screenshotted Quinn’s Instagram.

Schnapp leaked the conversation onto TikTok and captioned it “thirsty Doja.”

Now, Doja Cat’s responded and she’s not happy.

She went off on in a four minute TikTok, calling Schnapp a “weasel,” a “snake,” and “socially unaware.” And you ugly too! Not really, but she could’ve added for emphasis.

She also said the 17-year-old should’ve known better.

Doja told her followers not to go after Noah because “this is like a kid, like Noah is like, I don’t know how old he is, but that he’s not even over. Like there’s no way. He’s over like 21.” So Doja didn’t know he was only 17?

Doja added Schnapp used her.

“It’s like a very degrading and it’s just exploited, it’s like exploitative behavior and and it’s embarrassing. It’s like, super embarrassing.”

So is it exploitative behavior or is Doja just embarrassed this leak got out?

Why is Doja Cat, a 26-year-old, DMing Schnapp, who’s 17, and asking him to hook her up? Imagine Schnapp was 26 and DM’ed Doja for anything. That’d be predatory, right?

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