Doja Cat Tried to Slide Into Joseph Quinn’s DMs With Help From Noah Schnapp

Doja Cat likes what she sees and she sees Eddie from Stranger Things. Noah Schnapp (Will Byers on Stranger Things) posted a screenshot of Doja looking for his help to hook up with Joseph Quinn (Eddie Munson on Stranger Things).

Doja Cat messaged Schnapp asking for Quinn to hit her up and wondering if Quinn had a girlfriend.

Noah can u tell Joseph to hmu

wait no. does he have a gf?

Schnapp replied DM and check for yourself.

LMAOO slide into his dms

Doja would, but didn’t know where.

idk his ig or twitter

he doesn’t have a dm to slide in

Schnapp screenshotted Quinn’s instagram and replied “Right here ma’am.”

Did Doja promise Quinn second base? Need to know.

How cool would it be to see Doja Cat and Joseph Quinn singing Kate Bush’s “Running Up That Hill”?

Judging by that video, Quinn and Jamie Bower (Vecna from Stranger Things) make a better couple.

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