Drake’s 23-Year-Old ‘Son’ Showed Up to His Beverly Hills Home Uninvited

Drake found out he had a 23-year-old son. Problem is the kid was an intruder who broke into Drake’s $75 million home claiming Drake was his father and might be mentally ill.

TMZ reports an employee had noticed Fabian Wilson standing by Drake’s pool and called police.

Wilson had broken into the home, told police he was Drake’s kid and was waiting for Drake to come back.

The Los Angeles Police Department reportedly didn’t believe his story. Gee, ya think?

Police eventually arrested Wilson for trespassing. Drake wasn’t home at the time, or else that would’ve been an awkward father-son reunion.

Drake recently had his own run-in with Swiss police. Rumors were that Swiss police arrested home, which turned out to be false. But Drake did recently put up on Instagram a pic showing an “Information for Those Suspected of a Crime and Subsequently Detained,” which is Switzerland’s equivalent of America’s Miranda Rights. So, Drake was detained for some unknown reason.

Meanwhile, old rock stars are calling Drake a peon. Roger Waters, 78, of Pink Floyd, said Drake couldn’t even hold his jock strap. Well, not exactly in those words.

I’m not trying to make a personal attack. I’m just saying it seemed odd. And, by the way, with all due respect to the Weeknd or Drake or any of them, I am far, far, far more important than any of them will ever be, however many billions of streams they’ve got.

Drake’s response was “who?” right after finishing boning a couple of groupies.

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